Pools to mine Ethereum. The ratings of best ETH mining pools 2020

One of Ethereum peculiar features is that it is possible not only to mine as commercial process (just like with Bitcoin) but also to work with a common PC or with a farm using several video cards. Such kind of mining is popular among users. And today we are going to discuss it in details.

Any pool for mining of Ethereum is considered to be server which distributes the tasks between all participants. There is used a specific counting system which identifies the contribution of every participant and in accordance with the contribution, the system gives reward.

How to adjust video card to Ethereum:

  • You should have a PC with OS no less than 7. The better the system is, the better for user is. If there can be any changes in requirements, you won’t have to move soft in another Windows.
  • Use VGA with memory no less than 4 GB for good functioning.
  • Install drivers of latest versions- you will mine with the best speed
  • If your system board can allow you to use several video cards, it will simplify the problem and you can profit faster.

As soon as you’ve prepared one or several video cards, the drivers have been downloaded and there is an appropriate version of the operating system, you can start to mine.

Which pool to choose for Ethereum?

At present it is hard to say which pool is the best one to mine Ethereum.One can find an ideal pool for him basing on several factors:

  • First of all, it is commission which varies within 1 % and 2%.
  • Second, it is statistics which reflects important data for analyzing. While analyzing it is possible to identify the power of pool, popularity, limits, block size and other factors.
  • Third, the frequency of pay out and pay out ceiling. For instance, if you mine using 1-3 video cards or using farm with no more than 6 video cards, you’ll be paid at least once a day.
  • The amount of pay out depends on exchange that you have chosen, for example at polniex.com 1 ETH is minimal.
  • The pay outs can be affected by the power of pool, the faster it works, the faster you receive reward.
  • Study the information about this or that pool that you are going to choose, read reviews, you can even test the pools and compare within 1-2 days. Finally, you can choose what suits you more.

Pools to mine Ethereum. The ratings of best ETH mining pools 2020

The best pools for Ethereum

At present there are some good pools for Ethereum, later we’ll have a look at each of them.

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The first and official pool- Ethpool.org

Some time ago the pool didn’t accept new users for reason that it has been overloaded and dealt only with old customers. That’s why many miners had to go to sol mining, for reason that there were no other alternatives. As the article is in the process of writing the text the hashrate of the pool is 68 GH/s (20% out of the whole network) and there are 373 active users.

To start mining using the service you should have с++ ETH Ethereum version. To join the pool use F- version and follow http://us1.ethpool.org/miner/<your personal account>/<your hashrate>, where your personal account is the address of Ethereum wallet. Your hashrate is the complexity of the balls depending on the power of your equipment. Enter the speed in MGH/s.

Example (.bat file for 4 video cards rig AMD Radeon R9 280X): ethminer -Fhttp://us1.ethpool.org/miner/0x2dc0950003aea14af0c9e3439e59cf8e79fa569d/100 –G

If there will be said «JSON-RPC Problem», try to make larger the parameter farm-recheck.

You are to find the shares within 1-2 minutes, if it takes more, try to make the parameter “Your Hashrate” smaller.

ETH Nanopool

This pool (ETH.nanopool.org) is considered to be a new one and one of the fastest pools. At the moment that we are writing the text its speed is 121 GH/s (37% out of the whole network, approximately 2 times more in comparison with the official pool), 440 active users. The commission is 2 % and is 5 Finney (0.005 ETH).

The share is a complicated notion and is equivalent to 5 milliards. The minimal recommended hashrate for mining is 5MGH/s. The profit is calculated by PPLNS, where N-all the shares takes within last 10 minutes.

Use the pool at your own risk, in case of having any problems or loss of balance, nobody is going to compensate it (the official announcement).

For start working with the pool, use the following formula: ethminer.exe -F http://eth1.nanopool.org:8888/<your personal account> -G

<Personal account> is your ETH address for paying outs and rewards. Example: ethminer.exe -Fhttp://us1.ethpool.org/miner/0x2dc0950003aea14af0c9e3439e59cf8e79fa569d –G

If you use CUDA fork, replace –G into –U.


This pool is considered to be one of the largest in Runet .At present its speed is 100GH/s and there 260 active miners. Commission-1 %. Pay outs every 2 hours, minimal payout is 0,1 ETH.

The complexity of shares is static- 4G.  The rewards are calculated via PPLNS, but there is a possibility of solo mining. There is a single port for those who rent the powers through NiceCash.

How to use it:

setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0 setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.2miners.ru:2020 -eworker farm_name -ewal wallet addres -epsw x pool Ethereumpool


It is one morn w pool, it is still in development but it doesn’t get out it off the light. Its speed is 6GH/s ( 1,8 % out of the whole power)and the number of active users is 78.

The commission is 2 %, a fixed one-0, 01 ETH. Pay outs once a day within 11AM — 4PM GMT+0, if your balance is more than 1 ETH. The number of old Stales is approximately 1-3 %.

To use the pool you are to do the following: ethminer -F http://ethereumpool.co/?miner=<hashrateТ>@<your personal account> -G

Where <your personal account> is address for pay outs and rewards. <Hashrate> is the hashrate of your equipment in MGh/s. The example based on 4 video cards AMD Radeon R9 280 X: ethminer -Fhttp://ethereumpool.co/[email protected] –G

If you use CUDA fork, replace –G into –U.


A new pool, with a simple web-interface. At present its speed is 0,6 (0,2 % power out of the whole network).

Commission is 1,5 %. Pay outs once a day, fixed commission – 0, 01 ETH. To start working with it you are to use с++ethminer version.

For switching it to your equipment do the following: ethminer -F mine.weipool.org:5555/<your personal accoiunt >/<hashrate> -G

For 4 video cards: ethminer -F mine.weipool.org:5555/0x2dc0950003aea14af0c9e3439e59cf8e79fa569d/80 –G


Is also a new pool with 3, 4 GH/s (1% out of the whole network) with 36 active users. No commission. Auto pay out every hour, good web-interface.

To use the pool you are to do the following: ethminer -F http://alphaminer.xyz:8080?miner=<your personal account> -G

Detailed example:

ethminer -F http://alphaminer.xyz:8080?miner=0x2dc0950003aea14af0c9e3439e59cf8e79fa569d –G

ETH SuperNova

This pool is quite popular among users, good thing that it has finally started to deal with ethereum. This pool is with good reputation, registration is needed. At present its speed is 13, h GH/s(4 % out of the whole network) and 160 active workers. The pay outs can be automatic and manual. The minimal sum for pay out is 0,01 ETH. Fixed commission for cash out is 0,001 ETH. Pool commission-1%.

To use the pool you are to do the following: ethminer -G -F http://eth.suprnova.cc:3000/<your worker>/<hashrate>

<Your worke>r the worker that you use at the pool, <hashrate>-the hashrate of your equipment.

Detailed example for 4 video cards Radeon 280 X: ethminer -G -F http://eth.suprnova.cc:3000/Weblogin.1/80

The ratings of pools

% from the networkMinersPaymentsCommission
Ethpool.org68 Ghesh/s20%373Every 12 hours, min 1ETH2% + 0.01 ETH
2Miners.com80 Ghesh/s1%260Every 12 hours, min 0,01ETH1% + 0.00 ETH
Eth.nanopool.org121 Ghesh/s37%440Every 12 hours2% + 0.005 ETH
Ethereumpool.co14 Ghesh/s1.8%78Daily, min 1ETH2% + 0.01 ETH
Weipool.org0.6 Ghesh/s0.2%78Daily1,5% + 0.01 ETH
Eth.suprnova.cc13.4 Ghesh/s4%160Auto, min 0.01 ETH1% + 0.001 ETH

Pools to mine Ethereum. The ratings of best ETH mining pools 2020

How to calculate while mining Ethereum

There is online calculator which allows making sure in the effectiveness of mining. You’ll see the profit of a particular case and if it will be useful for you. You’ll be given the result in cryptocurrency and dollar.

It is done automatically, online, giving an opportunity to monitor price, time needed to reward, and other important parameters. You can also surf the internet and find other calculators.

Pools to mine Ethereum. The ratings of best ETH mining pools 2020

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