Genesis Mining review 2022

Genesis Mining is the service of cloud mining, which allows its users to rent the equipment for mining cryptocurrency. You can rent unlimited number of equipment, which are based in Island and Reykjavik.

Genesis Mining starts its history from 2013. The founders of the company got acquainted with each other while using one and the same platform for buying bitcoins. As the company was founded, it has started to grow, involving more and more mining farms. New specialists were hired, in particular engineers and programmers.

Today Genesis Mining is considered to be one of the largest companies which deal with mining and blockchain, together with such giants as HashFlare, BitFury, Kraken, BitLicence and others. Before 2014 there hasn’t been an opportunity to involve investors, so Genesis Mining was a sole one. In some articles there can be found that Genesis Mining is the producer of miners, in reality it is not so. Genesis Mining got business with a company which producers miners and takes the equipment with the best price. Genesis Mining is a proven service, but the equipment is bought, that is why there should be involved more and more investors.

Genesis Mining Rent Tariffs

Each type of cryptocurrency has got 4 tariffs; the tariffs differ in power and price. So, package of services “Gold” to earn bitcoins costs 30 $ a month with the speed 200 GH/s. “Platinum” will cost 350 $ a month with 2500 GH/s.”Diamond” -1950$ per month with 15 000 GH/s speed. There is no additional charge for electricity and no additional commission.

If there are some deals, the users can be given bonuses which they can use for renting new equipment.

If neither of the tariffs suits you, you can use individual by creating your own parameters. You can do it by moving the indicator of power till the necessary mark, if you need more than 10 000 GH/s, address to support division for making a deal.

Genesis Mining review 2022

To pay you can use Master Card or Visa. The maximum rent is 2 years.

To register follow

How to register and start working with Genesis Mining

You can start even if your balance is only 26 $. That’s the cost of the cheapest contract with 100  GH/s speed.

Of course, it cannot be said this service is the most profitable among other cloud mining. Its profitability ranges within 80-150 % annual, and if the price of bitcoin decreases it becomes even less profitable. But good profit is not the indicator that a service is reliable one; stability is what really matters. And Genesis Mining is known for its reputation as a stable one and regular pay outs.

Genesis Mining on Social Media

Promo code for discount to buy Genesis Mining powers


One more thing which makes Genesis Mining attractive is the possibility to earn shortly after making a deal. It is a passive income. You won’t have to do anything. All you have to do is to check from time to time the way your income grows. If you want, you can mine other cryptocarrencies but they all will be turned into bitcoins in balance.

Which type of cryptocurrency to choose for mining?

Among bitcoin you can also choose other currencies, for example, altcoins. The question is which type to choose.

Before giving answer to the question, we can recommend to calculate the profit. In every case you are to decide, taking into consideration the factors which have influence on profitability. The factors are: currency value which you are going to mine, and the complexity of network with which you are dealing.

As soon as you’ve chosen the type, there I no need to relax; you should monitor the situation and adjust to changes.

Additional earnings by involving new users

You’ve got possibility to enlarge your power by involving new partners to the project. A new user has got a 3% discount for tariffs. In your turn the reward is the enlargement of powers. The increase depends on your rang in the system.

If it is the first level the profit is 2, 5 %. For instance, plus 5 GH/s to your 200GH/s. To enter new level new users are to pay 100 dollars, third level costs 500 dollars. The last 100 days are taken in consideration, if referrals spend less, the rang will be lower.

There are no limits for new users to be involved. You can leave your promo code or link on web sites, blogs and social networks, e-mail messages, comments and so on. Facebook and Twitter are recommended to involve new referrals.

The distribution of power in Genesis Mining

In the project there is the possibility of hashrate distribution between different cryptocurrencies.This function is a peculiar feature of the service.

Genesis Mining review 2022

To use the function go to “the distribution of powers”. The sense is in the distribution of powers in accordance with the type of cryptocurrency. The idea is based on circular diagram. The distribution allows to profit, based on the profitability of this or that currency at the moment.


  • The service is organized in such a way that everyone can use it without any difficulties, simple interface. No excessive details.
  • The projects functions very well. The security of personal data is of high quality.
  • Double protection. No tampering. One more thing that should be said about is the support division.
  • If you have got any questions, be sure that all your problems will be solved by the team within a short time span. It is possible to do by making a telephone call.
  • One more strong point is the existence of referral program.
  • Real office, with telephones, readiness to help you at any time you need.

No doubt that Genesis Mining is a leader. It is known for its advertising in transport, bill boards and soon.

Comparing 3 giants: Hashflare vs Genesis mining vs Hashing 24

In this section we are going to compare such reputable services as

For comparison we used the data relevant to 24 July, 2017.

Bitcoin contracts

ServicePrice USD/ Th
Servicing DailyHoursMinimal cost ProfitInterest rate
Genesis Mining130-1500.00028 USD/1GhTermless30 USD210 days173 %
HashFlare1200.0035 USD/10GhTermless1,2 USD218 days167%
Hashing 242000.00033 USD/1GhTermless20 USD350 days104%

One of peculiar features of such contracts is termless contracts and anticipated prices for bitcoin. The best terms for buying such contracts offer Genesis Mining with 173 % profit on condition that the maximum cost is 1950 USD. For lower budget pay attention to Hash Flare.

Ethereum contracts

ServicePrice USD/ Th
Servicing DailyHoursMinimal cost ProfitInterest rate
Genesis Mining28-30no2 years30 USD215 days169 %
HashFlare22no1 year2,2 USD169 days215%

At this point HashFlare looks more attractive, but Genesis has got a 2 years’ contract.

Scrypt contracts

ServicePrice USD/ Th
Servicing DailyHoursMinimal cost ProfitInterest rate
Genesis Mining12-14no2 years28 USD150 days243 %
HashFlare13.50,01 USD/1Mhtermless13,5 USD192 days190 %

As you see the best alternatives are offered by Genesis but at present all powers are sold out, and HashFlare is a good way out.

Dash contracts

ServicePrice USD/ Th
Servicing DailyHoursMinimal cost ProfitInterest rate
Genesis Mining4,5-6no2 years30 USD150 days243 %
HashFlare5,8no1 year5.8 USD193 days189 %

The situation is quite the same just like in the previous case, all powers are sold out and HashFlare can be the alternative.

Monero contracts

ServicePrice USD/ Th
Servicing DailyHoursMinimal cost ProfitInterest rate
Genesis Mining48-50
60 HS
no2 years50 USD357 days102 %

Only Genesis Mining offers Monero, but at present it is not considered to be a profitable deal.


From our point of view Genesis Mining should draw your attention for several reasons:

  • First of all , their open and friendly politics towards customers, good support service
  • Second, the dynamic development of the service. They make the service better all the time (ways of payment , new algorithms and so on)
  • Genesis Mining belongs to a well-known mine producer

All the things mentioned above speak for themselves, Genesis Mining can be recommended to new and experienced users.

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